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Qualities of a good man in relationship

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Qualities of a good man in relationship are those qualities that is very hard to find in a man .Being comfort in a relationship comes from the ability to be open and honest with your

partner and the ability to do this comes from knowing you will never be

judged.In this post am going to show you the qualities of a good man in

relationship that is very hard to find. Related post :How to know he is in love with you

He is smart

Being smart is something that is grown and cultivate, often by being curious

enough to seek out new information and by recognising what you don’t

really know. Being smayis the ability to put ideas together and create

solution to problems. Being smart is the ability to focus

He is intelligent

Intelligent man
An intelligent man making research

An intelligent man can work better on his emotions. You need a partner

that understands you and know what they can do at a given circumstance.A

relationship devoid of understanding is filled with conflicts,lack of trust

and backbiting. You need an intelligent partner to understand each other


He doesn’t talk too much

If he doesn’t talk too much consider yourself lucky. Too much talk and less

of a listening in a man leads to slow death of a relationship and makes a

woman uncomfortable in a relationship .Related post :how to build a healthy relationship

He doesn’t hold grudges

When he holds grudges and depending upon what happened that resulted

in feeling grudge,He tend to feel resentment over time. Grudges can also

ruin relationship .Related post: Dos and don’t for a healthy relationship

He knows how to communicate

If he doesn’t know how to communicate it can threaten the existence of

relationship itself. Poor communication can chip away at self -esteem and

self confidence.Importance of communication in relationship

He is mature

Maturity influence persons ability to truly commit to a relationship for life

and understand that commitment implies giving up all others partners

choice. This determines the level of trust, and dependability present in a


He is a gentleman

Things such as a man who is polite, calm and considerate. The most

common perception for a gentle is a man who ensures that he is chivalrous

toward women.The term attaches itself to man who are courteous and treat

women with respect

He pays attention to things that bothers you

Paying attention to each other allows the relationship to grow,improve

intimacy and keep the “distance ” which often develops in long term

relationship at bay. The best relationship continues to thrive because each

person makes their partners need just as important as their own. If he

doesn’t pay attention to things that bothers you the relationship will break

along the way

He celebrates your achievement

Does he celebrate your success? Celebration helps create a sense of unity

amongst couples.It feels good to know that someone cares and is always

there for you to celebrate your success.seeing each other grow, progress

and to know that you are part of the other persons success is a tool for

bounding like no other

He has self confidence

Self confidence comes with happiness. Happiness is being able to be

yourself and loving who you are .When he is happy with himself, he will be

a far better spouse for you. He will be able to love you because he loves


He has a positive attitude

Another qualities of a good man in relationship is positive attitude,positive

attitude help him to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It

brings optimsim into his life and make it easier for him to avoid worries

and negative thinking. If he adopt it as a way of life, it would bring

constructive change into his life and makes you happier in the relationship

He trust you

Does he trust you? Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without

trust the relationship will be shaky and will eventually fall. Trust means he

can rely on you, can confide in you and feel safe with you. Related post :how to avoid heartbreak

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