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How to go through heartbreak.... Heartbreak symbol

Are you going through heartbreak? Don’t worry you are not alone.

“Heartbreak according to Wikipedia is a term used to describe the intense

emotional and sometimes physical stress or pain one feel at experiencing

great longing”. Heartbreak has no age limit and can happen to

anyone.symptoms of heartbreak includes lack of concentration,

fear,frustration, chest and back pain,increase in heart beat,feeling guilty,

confusion, too much thinking,sleepless night, continues flashback and stress.Related post:How to avoid heartbreak


Is it normal to feel heartbreak? Yes it is normal to feel heartbreak in your body.This overwhelming distress often causes physical symptoms like.

Arrhythmia (irregular beating of the heart),fear,chest pain,headache,confusion,stress,feeling lonely, too much thinking,like no one will love you again,fatigue,loss of concentration,sleepless night,anxiety and depression

Why does heartbreak hurt so much?

Studies show that your brain register’s the emotional pain of heartbreak in the same way as physical pain,which is why you might feel like your heartbreak is causing physical hurt.When heartbreak happens,these hormones level drop and are replaced with stress hormone cortisol

How long does heartbreak last?

Its not scientifically proven,it may last months, weeks,depening on individual

Can heartbreak leads to heart attack?

Heartbreak symptoms such as chest pain,tightness and shortness of breath, can seem like a heart attack.the problem happens when psychological distress triggers sudden weakness of the heart muscle. It can be caused by sudden shock or acute anxiety. Doctors call it stress-induced cardiomyopathy

Solution’s to heartbreak

Try to eat

How to go through heartbreak..... A boy eating

One of the symptoms of heartbreak is loss of appetite. lack of nutritious

food and skipping of meals can result in hypoglycemic.you may experience

hypoglycemic symptoms such as headache,depression,dizziness,fatigue and blurred vision.so its advisable to eat

Don’t stay idle

How to go through heartbreak... Idle lady

You can get rid of idle thinking with positive approach towards life.Always

be so busy that you have no time for idle thinking.engage in creative

activities.mix with only positive minded people

Stop thinking about committing suicide

How to go through heartbreak... Sucide rope

One of the symptoms of heartbreak is ” depression” Research shows that

approximately 90 percent of people who have died of suicide were

suffering from mental illness at the time.the most common mental illness reported was depression

Try to do what you love best

How to go through heartbreak... Doing what you love,basket ball pitch

There is more wisdom in you than you think.while you are doing the things

that come naturally to you,your brain and body get to do what they

love.And since they want to do more of those,they reward you with good

feelings.doing what you love best can help you to heal fast


How to go through heartbreak.. Friends together

Few good friends can help you get over heartbreak by talking to you often.

when you feel lonely they will be there to talk to you and make you feel comfortable .Related post:inspiring tips to be happy in relationship

Try to remove pictures

How to go through heartbreak.... Delete pictures

Sticking with pictures of old memories can delay your healing from

,so it’s advisable to remove pictures to help you get over it

Try music

How to go through heartbreak.... Music symbol

Music they say is ” life ” can play a vital role in helping you to relax and feel

comfortable, but try to avoid love music

Let go

How to go through heartbreak... 😂 Let go hand

Accept the present condition and let go stop pushing yourself or blaming

yourself for the present condition

Fight your thoughts

How to go through heartbreak..... Fight your thought

It’s not easy to get over heartbreak as your mind keep on refreshing good

memories of the past.its now left for you to fight your thoughts with ugly moments you had in the past

Don’t be too quick to jump into another relationship

How to go through heartbreak... Couples together

It’s not advisable to jump into another relationship immediately because

you are frustrated, take your time to heal and fall in love again to avoid another heartbreak

Convert your troubles To positive

How to go through heartbreak... Learning blog

Rather than seeing your problems as burdensome forces of opposition,see it

as opportunity to learn,grow,improve or adjust

Try exercise

How to go through heartbreak... Women Exercising

Heartbreak comes with a lot of stress so exercise is advisable to reduce

stress and keep your body in good shape

Complain to professional or doctor

How to go through heartbreak.... A professional

When heartbreak gets to a stage that you cannot control,that you cannot

eat, rely on alcohol to live and only thinking about committing suicide

please at that stage it’s adviceable to talk to a doctor or a professional for advice because at that stage its too dangerous to your health

Stay away from love music for a while

How to go through heartbreak.... Music symbol

When your heart is broken and you are listening to love music you only

understand the lyrics of the music, lyrics are those words that makes up the

song and when you are listening to the lyrics it will always make you to feel bad and can also delay your healing

Take warm bath at night

how to go through heartbreak.... A Woman Taking warm bath

Taking a warm bath at night cannot only relax your body but also adjust

your body temperature, so taking warm bath or shower at night is advised

Cut Communication

How to go through heartbreak......... Communication symbol

Communication is the life of every relationship and lack of communication

can kill any relationship so its advised to cut communication from him or her to fasten your healing process

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