Signs of unhealthy relationship
Advice About Relationships

7 signs of unhealthy relationship


Unhealthy relationship is a relationship where one or more people involved

exhibit behaviors that are not healthy and are not founded in mutual

respect for the other person. Unhealthy relationship is not necessarily an

abusive relationship, but can be. In the post am going to show you how to

know an unhealthy relationship.Related post: things that ruin a healthy relationship

Lack of quality time together

Effective communication and quality time together thus play a major role in

sustaining relationship, preventing it from becoming boring. A significant

amount of quality time, which means time spent where you give all of your

attention to your partner, gives couples time to relax and open up their

heart to the other .absence of quality time together is unhealthy to relationship

Lack of trust

Every relationship is built on natural trust,whether that relationship is

romantic or not. Lying quickly erodes that trust, hurting both parties in the

process. whether it is keeping secrets or telling white little lies. Lying

destroys one of the fundamental pillars of a healthy relationship -trust

Lack of communication

Without communication it is impossible to get on the same page and keep

your relationship afloat. Lack of communication quickly cause

misunderstandings and feelings that you are far away from each other


Habitual criticism destroys the very foundation of a relationship -and that is

not an overstatement .criticism is so damaging that relationship researcher

John gottman identified it as one of the top predictor of divorce -though it

could spell disaster for non married couples too.Related post: qualities of a good man to marry

Inability to forgive

An inability to forgive, even for small things. True forgiveness is another

critical component of a healthy relationship.This will harm the safety and

intimacy of your relationship. You cant ever truly feel safe if you think that

your partner will bring up the past to hurt you, when things get difficult

Controlling behaviour

Controlling behaviour is when one person compels others to do their own

need, even at others expense. Related post. Does and don’t for a healthy relationship

Holding grudges

Grudges can also impact a relationship by eroding the trust between

partners, regardless of who is holding onto it. ” there may not only be

resentment by partner who is holding grudges but your partner may also

begin to feel a grudge that you aren’t letting go”says Dr

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